On Retreats: 

I have had years of interest and participation with many types of experiential learning and spiritual exploration.  I have spent over 30 years creating private and public ceremonies and rituals for healing, honoring the turning of the year, and celebrating love and growth.

I have had Christian, Native American, Wiccan, Buddhist, Indian (Sant Mat), and Kundalini Yoga teachers. In addition, I am an LCSW who has been practicing since 1991. My specialities are somatic psychotherapy, energy work, and pre and perinatal psychology.

Shedding the Stories Retreat

June 7th - 9th 2024, Afton VA

This retreat is designed to help people of all kinds to clear their energy fields of the stories they hear and the stories they have lived. This is a ritual of clearing and healing. We are creating sacred space together, entering into 24 hours of silence. You will write the stories that have gotten stuck in your energy body and burn them in a sacred fire tended by my husband, Tom Fisher. Whitney English, LCSW will be assisting me.

My deepest practice is to get quiet and still and see what Spirit has brought to manifest. The themes emerging for this retreat so far are magical, multi-dimensional, and designed to help us hold complexity and contradiction. Becoming aware of all parts of your gender continuum, plus how water moves in your life, are central to the retreat.

Cost is $725. Lodging, food, energy healing sessions with Elizabeth Ferrall or myself, and one Kundalini Yoga class and a gong bath are all included.

Wren House has 3 bedrooms with queen beds. Participants will be sharing two bathrooms. I have rented another airbnb that is very close by for 3 other participants.

There is a huge deck to sit on and while writing in silence participants are welcome to be anywhere in the house or in the woods.

I believe that we are in a time of huge change with the old order falling away and new paradigms emerging. Let’s get our energy bodies clear and ready for all the new light and love coming in!

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Tentative Retreat Schedule


9:00 AM 
Arrive, smudge, find room, orient, sign up for energy sessions.

10:00 AM 
Gather on deck & enter silence. 
Writing, drawing, meditating,
Into the fire.

12:00 PM

1:00 - 6:00 PM
Continue writing/drawing/burning, energy sessions, rest.

6:00 PM
Dinner, time on your own (silence continues)

10:00 AM
Gather, break our silence, breakfast.

11:30 AM
Kundalini Yoga class & gong bath

2:00 PM

4:00 PM
Sherando Lake & picnic dinner

Evening—fire pit & dance

10:00 AM

11:00 AM
How to keep clear going forward.

12:00 PM
Ending Circle