About me

Tonya Ridings 


I have extensive therapeutic experience with individuals, couples, and families and enjoy providing supervision, consultation, and training for therapists and healers. 

I specialize in trauma treatment and facilitate a variety of groups. 
I write and paint as well.

Personal Bias

Bringing your spiritual strengths and questions into your therapeutic experience creates a strong container for your session work and ensures that you are working through issues from a place of wholeness and divine support.

I believe that everyone has everything they need inside them at all times, so psychotherapy becomes a matter of being able to access your resources and your Golden Core of Health. This usually involves getting “unstuck” and moving things out of the way, so your natural resources are readily available.

I also believe that everyone deserves a good wholesome loving experience of psychotherapy and continue to do my own work on my personal biases and assumptions. I am learning and growing all the time.

I have supervised 20+ new clinicians (LCSW and LPC) through their hours for licensure and I’m very interested in helping new therapists learn different treatment modalities and grow into their own unique expression of being a professional and a clinician. Realizing that this is a path of continual learning and growth, I also offer consultation to our community of clinicians.


Psychodynamic Counseling

Somatic Experiencing

Pre and Peri Natal Psychology PPN

Structural Family Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Master Clinician in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Completed all vagus nerve and cranialsacral training offered by Janet Evergreen.